The Holy Spirit: Power and Presence


This past week God has been dealing with me on the Holy Spirit and how many are denying his power, his presence, and his voice. He longs to show himself strong but sadly most of the time he is uninvited or discounted on his capabilities.

There are so many great things that we as believers have access to. When we accept Jesus as our savior we get the Holy Spirit. He is the package deal and equips us with everything we need to succeed. He will fill us, grow us, instruct us, and guide us. When we receive the Holy Spirit he is a guarantee from Heaven, the one who seals us until the day of redemption (Ephesians 1:14). It is up to us to get to know him, his person, and his functions. He is the direct contact with heaven, the go between, the interceder. He is the spirit of God.

The truth is he is the spirit of the living God bearing witness in the earth. He was given to us as an advocate, a helper, and a comforter. Jesus himself said it was better that he go away because if he didn’t the comforter would not come. It is in him, or he in us, that we have the power to do the greater works Jesus talks about.

When we leave him out he will wait on us, and the moment we call his name he will answer. If you have ever had a doubt about him, I dare you to address him and listen for his answer. Friends, let us not grieve the Holy Spirit by denying his power! He is the gift many leave unopened. All the while we are left wondering if there is something more. The answer is yes! The true gift of the Holy Spirit, his indwelling in you, puts you at the greatest advantage.


I do declare that if you seek you will indeed find. If ever in doubt about whose voice you heard remember Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice but a stranger’s voice they will not know.” Paraphrased from John 10:4-5



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