When God Speaks

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7

This week I was struggling in my walk with God. The enemy had, for a moment, convinced me that I was off course.I immediately started to seek God and ask for confirmation that I am moving in the right direction.

I love that when I ask God a question he will not only give me an answer but he confirms his word through so many different methods.

 Here is the conversation I had with God.

 -God: Who told you that you were off course?

-My response: I was looking at someone else’s work.

-God: Set your eyes on things above, and again do not covet your neighbor.

He topped himself when through every message I listened to this week confirmed what he meant. 

 I heard the definition of covet; to strongly desire what someone else has. How can I grow in what God has for me to do if I am focused on what he has for somebody else?

– John Bevere’s Passion for His Presence

God has enough of everything for each one of us to get an equal inheritance.”

Pastor Harris, Wednesday night bible study.

 When he does it from books I read I know he is really showing out!

“God does not love us all equally, he loves us uniquely. Same indicates that we are replaceable to God.”

Lisa Bevere, Without Rival

As if my amazement were not through the roof, he showed up at my job in the form of a phone call. This woman of God shared her testimony  with me and her words pierced my heart to a place that I thought for a moment had stood still in time as life started to live me instead of me living it.

 “Whatever God has called you to do, do it now! God told me to write a book and I just did not listen and I ran from it. I decided to go ahead and write the book because the he told me to 3 times! I didn’t want to continue to be disobedient. Whatever you have pended go ahead and do it, whether it is a home bible study or prayer groups.Now my life is more blessed that I could have ever imagined because I obeyed God.” 

-E. Roman

I tell you that whenever God Speaks he is confirming his word in a way that only he, being God, could do. I have so much up before God and these messages have shown me that I need to get refreshed in God’s word and his presence constantly. He lifted me above myself and gave me a divine perspective.This experience this week reminds me to constantly seek God and know that he is working all things together for my good.

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