Intentional Living


We as the people of God have power in everything we say and do. To use that power responsibly we must be careful to live, speak, and move with intentionality. We are the vehicle of God’s word and power revealed to a dying world. In our words, life, and actions we have the ability to set change that will last into eternity. Remember that whatever you say or do sets an atmosphere for your life. Let the foundation you lay be intentionally great.

When we do life let us do it according to God’s word.
When we speak let it be life giving.
When we move may it be in the direction that will set the course for generations to come.







You Are What You Consume


wp-1522416271263-821765193.jpgWhat I have learned with the things that I ingest is that what I take in often shapes me. Some of them are ill fitting and don’t quite shape me as I imagined they would.

It was not God’s intention that we follow the patterns of the world. Most of it is scripted and does not translate well in real life. What I have noticed is that what we take on is not meant for us to carry. Instead, we find that they are breeding grounds for dysfunction, distraction, and division.

Very often we consume things that are not good for us, and without noticing, our life starts to look like what we are taking in. The concept that comes to mind is junk in, junk out. When we consume mess, we attract mess. When we consume life, we attract life.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. John 14:6

Choose life!




Transformation Tuesday: Remembering the Cross



When I think of resurrection I think of change. It helps me remember how I went from being a enemy of God to a friend of God through the shedding one Jesus’ blood. It helps me to remember the day I said my final yes and never turned back.

The cross and its affects on me were not realized until I saw how through knowing Jesus I have overcome so much. When he died he gave me a right to become the daughter of a King. He literally invited me into the family and I am now related because of His blood.


He in His dying for us, gave us power over everything that held power over us, even death, hell, and the grave. Quite honestly, I haven’t enough space to tell you how He has made a difference for me, but one thing I know is that I have been changed and it’s the best thing anyone has ever done for me.