The thing that I see about me is that I can always see potential in others and not see so much in myself. I feel a strong passion for helping others walk into their calling. I see things in them that illuminate, and I see them walking into destiny and the path is so clear but it’s a blur when it comes to my future. I heard what God said to me and I heard what he said to do but I hesitate and say, “who me?” I think it is a gift to see potential in others, but I think the area I want to grow in is to get God’s perspective about myself and who I am.
My prayers are always answered. Not only when I pray for others but also when I pray for myself. I sometimes hesitate when praying for myself and think I am being selfish, but I know that is not of God. He wants me to prosper and be in good health, even as my soul prospers. I will not discount myself any longer, but I will press towards the high calling which is in Jesus Christ.
My prayer tonight for myself is that I would see myself as God sees me, full of potential and walking into His plans to prosper me, to give me hope, and an expected end.

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