Finished Product

God has shown me what He promised me. He has set it before me. He told me to wait and trust him in spite of opposition. He has shown me where the incomplete parts of the promise are and how to get it to the done level. It has already been promised to me so it belongs to me. Instead of trying to obtain it I have decided to prepare myself for it. Although it belongs to me I must get into the receiving position. Through His word He is perfecting my attitude, my character, and insight so that I will appreciate the promise.

My perspective has shifted from the part of me that felt like I was not good enough for the promise which caused me to immediately feel depressed. God reminds me in His word  that I am chosen by God, a royal priesthood, God’s very own possession. (a) Previous to that I am reminded in 1 Peter 2:5  that I am a living stone that God is building into his spiritual temple. These verses show me that I am indeed a prime candidate for God’s promises.

From past experience I have learned that the accumulation of an unfinished product does not work well. I found myself trying to make up the missing parts, giving more of myself to it than God had contributed and it eventually fell apart.  God gave me the example of a cake that is baking. You can’t remove it too soon or the middle will fall flat. It will look nice for a few moments to look “done” but eventually it will deflate. If you wait for the cake to reach the perfect temperature you are guaranteed to have a perfect finished product. I don’t want to get to a point where I just say I can work with that unfinished product. Truthfully I can’t make something work that is not complete because I lack the infinite wisdom that God has.Here is where I have to “trust in the Lord with all of my heart and lean not unto my own understanding”(b).

His not yet is not a no. Since the enemy knows patients is a growing pain he will jip you out of a bigger promise for surface promises that really don’t last.   This is why James 1:4 says “But let patients have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”

Don’t just take my word for it!

1.(a)1 peter 2:9

2(b) proverbs 3:5


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